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Doctor Holding Patient's Hand | The Queens Health Centre

Family Medicine,
Walk-In Clinic and

Delivering Family Medicine, Dermatology and the convenience of a Medical Walk in Clinic that is open 6 days a week, has established the foundation of healthcare being built at the Queens Health Centre.

Family Medicine Doctor's Appointment | The Queens Health Centre

Family Medicine

The main primary care medical specialty in Canada is Family Medicine Family.  It focuses care on the individual within the context of the family and the community.  Family physicians (refers to both family physicians and general practitioners) deliver services across the entire spectrum of care, regardless of patient age, sex or condition.

Walk-In Clinic

Medical walk-in clinics are often necessary whether you have a family physician or not.  Whether your doctor is not available, or you don’t have a family doctor, if you need medical care, a walk-in clinic can be the answer.  These doctors perform similar services as your family physician, but you don’t need an appointment.


Walk-in Doctor's Visit | The Queens Health Centre


We are able to complete the following forms that include:​

  • Back to Work / School Notes


  • Driver's Medicals

We are unable to complete the following forms that include:


  • Short Term Disability

  • Attending Physician Statements

  • Substance Use Assessments


Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin.  It is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects. A medical doctor who focuses in dermatology manages diseases related to skin, hair, nails and some cosmetic problems.

Dermatologist at Work | The Queens Health Centre
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